Heritage Design Features

Heritage was constructed using vivid colors, an abundance of natural light, and numerous artistic elements that beautify each area of the school. The school is dedicated to distinguished Oklahomans such as Will Rogers, Ron Howard, Shannon Miller and Jim Thorpe. On the walls and in classrooms, students are surrounded by images of these Oklahomans doing extraordinary things. The hope is that the images will inspire students to achieve their own dreams

In addition, Heritage features numerous safety features. Once school starts, the front entrance doors lock and visitors must contact the front office from a video/audio station to be admitted into the school. In addition, the back doors facing the bus lane are locked at the beginning of the school day and access into the building can only be obtained by use of a key card. These safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of students and staff and to protect the integrity of the learning environment.


Current Construction

Heritage has completed its final stage of construction with our 4th grade pod opening this January!