Ranee SchoenhalsPicture collage of Mrs. Schoenhals and family



August 21

About Me:

I am Ranee Schoenhals (Shane-halls), and I teach fifth grade math and science.  This is my fifth year at Heritage, but I have been involved with science education for twenty five years working for Science Museum Oklahoma, and I spent ten years teaching Algebra I at Edmond North.  My early childhood education degree is from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes), and my master’s degree is from UCO. I have been married to my husband, Jeff, for thirty-six years, and I have two lovely grown children.  Sagan is a Pre-K teacher in Norman, and Amelia lives in New York where she works at a law firm in the financial district.

  • I want my students to walk out of elementary school saying that they love science, and knowing they can be successful in their future scientific studies.  I believe that science is a verb; we DO science in my room. It’s messy and active and busy, but my students’ are always thinking and considering the why, how, and when.
  • I want them to understand that math is relevant in everyday life, and it is important to develop strategies to examine mathematical concepts with confidence.
  • I believe that I am charged with teaching students how to achieve in both academics and citizenship.  I want them to leave my room knowing how they want to be treated, and how they should treat others. My favorite callback is as follows: I do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.


Bottle/Can Drink: Water

Sweet Treat: Roxy’s Ice Cream, Eileen’s Cookies – cherry chocolate chip

Candy Bar: Reese’s

Salty Snack: Mountain Trail Mix, Chex Mix: Bold

Place to Eat:  Cafe 501, The Fixx, Sparrow Modern Italian

Gift Cards:  Walmart

Place to Shop for Yourself:  Kohl’s, Old Navy

School Supply Store:  Walmart

Music:  vast interests – Memphis Blues

Magazine/Author:  wide variety 

Way to Pamper Yourself:  Tip Top Nails (long time customer)

Color:  orange & black, yellow

Candle/Lotion Scent:  allergic to floral scents; I avoid these items totally.

Classroom Wish List: consumables for experiments; varies; check with me

Are you allergic to anything, in regards to foods, plants, scents, etc.?: All floral scents, especially lavender.  I try to avoid scented things; I just never know. 🙁