Amber Nemecek, TA

Birthday: November 29
About Me:
My name is Amber, and this is my second year at Heritage as a teacher assistant in pre-k classes.
I have a degree in journalism and art.  I continue to practice my art with mostly acrylic and watercolor and still participate in art shows on a regular basis along with commission work.
My Favorites:
Sonic: Diet Coke
Bottle/can:  Diet Coke
Candy bar:  n/a
Salty snack: Ruffles potato chips
Place to eat:  Humble Pie
Fast Food: Arby’s
Gift cards: Amazon, Bath and Body Works
Place to shop: Bath and Body Works
Way to treat: getting a pedicure
Color: purple and green
Candle/lotion scent: jasmine
ALLERGIES:  lavender, coffee and chocolate