Dissecting Fun in Ms. Skinner’s Class!

Students in Ms. Skinner’s 3rd grade classes were given the opportunity to dissect a snake that is native to Oklahoma. They dissected a 5ft bull snake with the help of Kristie Deramus! Miss Kristie is our lunchroom monitor, but she also happens to have a master’s degree in biology. She also used to teach biology at the college level. We are so blessed to have her working at our school! They spent two solid hours learning about reptiles, snake anatomy, physiology, habitat, ecosystem, differentiating venomous vs non-venomous snakes, dissecting procedures, snake life cycle, differentiating male vs female, not to mention albinism. They learned, asked questions, hypothesized, and laid the foundation for future scientific endeavors and academic adventures! Thank you so much, Miss Kristie! These kids will never forget this amazing opportunity!!

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