November STEM Lab!

Students at Heritage are challenged to be problem solvers and to use what they’re learning today to become better people tomorrow. So, this month the students at Heritage are being challenged to build turkey traps to catch those pesky little Thanksgiving turkeys! The STEM Lab is full of all sorts of building supplies that they can use to make their traps. They have to design a plan, execute it, and test their trap, and adjust their plan if necessary. Pictured below are groups of fifth grade students who not only were successful in building their turkey traps, but they also were wonderful examples of the GE Life Principles of cooperation and team work!!

IMG_4928 IMG_4929 IMG_4930


Enjoy these pictures of proud first grade students from Mrs. Lane’s class with their finished projects. Each group gave a presentation to explain how their trap would work.

Trap Class Trap Harrison Trap Hudson Trap Isabella Trap Phoenix Trap Rilyn Trap Working